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A VIP Purchase Management Solution

Professional tool for Purchasing Team project, workflow management
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27 May 2015

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This tool is for managing purchasing activities optimally.

Studies estimate that about 70% of a productions company’s turnover and 40% of a service company’s turnover is spent in purchasing material. Thus managing the purchasing activities as efficiently as possible is a crucial task and a purchase manager needs all the help he can get. This tool attempts to provide a company management with the means to manage purchase tasks and a real-time view of all the pending purchase tasks. Only then will the purchase team be able to procure things at the right time, at the right place and price. VIP Task Manager helps manage purchasing team projects and workflow management. It has a combined offering that help Order Processing, Supplier Management, organizing the Team, help manage projects and related documents and integrates an e-communicator. It offers features that allow planning, tracking and reporting on the purchasing team`s activities. This is facilitated by sharing contacts, calendar, documents etc. Communication is simplified by enabling sending of messages to suppliers and colleagues, receiving notifications, taking actions and getting reports.

Purchasing planning, tracking and reporting of all purchasing tasks are simplified with this tool. Planning features cover creating projects and tasks including attachments with additional information, assignments of these tasks, setting priorities and start/stop dates, setting reminders, etc. Other features include checking current status, status change notifications, grouping/ sorting/filtering tasks, marking overdue tasks, etc. The interface should be intuitive to the users managing purchase. This one is not for novices. This is a very good product. If your purchase team has to manage a diverse set of purchase tasks of multiple products, from multiple vendors for each and from different geographic locations then you should try this out and see if it helps.

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VIP Task Manager is a professional tool for purchasing team project, workflow management. VIP Task Manager combines functions of Order Processing System, Supplier Management System, Team Organizer, Project Manager, Document Manager and e-Communicator. It allows planning, tracking and reporting your purchasing team's activities, sharing contacts, calendar, documents etc., sending messages to your suppliers and colleagues, receiving notifications, taking actions and getting reports. Why to use VIP Task Manager? Managing purchasing is easy until you purchase a few products from a few suppliers. As soon as your purchasing process becomes more complicated, managing purchasing becomes a challenging task. The number of purchasing tasks grows as well as the number of managers, suppliers, regions and products, and you need to control all these aspects. You need to develop a comprehensive purchasing strategy, transform it into detailed action plan with measurable performance metrics, track execution and get measure results. It is almost impossible without a special system for planning, tracking, analyzing, reporting, and controlling all aspects of procurement activity, projects and tasks. VIP Task Manager is the best software system for managing your purchasing team's workflow, including purchasing planning, tracking and reporting. The system provides clear vision of what purchasing managers did yesterday, what they are doing now and what they will do tomorrow, understanding of purchasing tasks and how they rely on strategy. VIP Task Manager helps you to develop comprehensive, prioritized purchasing plans, track their completion and create real-time reports. VIP Task Manager is easy-to-use software and doesn't require advanced user or system administrator skills. Using VIP Task Manager you can collaborate with your purchasing team members and suppliers accross the world (via LAN or Internet). See a Live Demo, get a Free Hosted Trial or Download VIP Task Manager for free
A VIP Purchase Management Solution
A VIP Purchase Management Solution
Version 4.02
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